Some photos from our gig in Tallinn

Here’s some shots from our concert on August 3rd in Tallinn, Estonia, where we had the chance to share the stage with Betraying The Martyrs and MorphiuM. We thank everybody […]

New Backdrop Leaked!!!

We are glad to finally reveal our new backdrop to you! It made its first appearence at our live show in Tallinn, Estonia. We can now rest and sleep on […]

Our tees now on

Official merch tees available on Deadpulse, Bigcartel and Sliptrick Records store. The tees will be shipped on a delay of : 7 days for Europe Less than 2 weeks for […]

-24 hours before special tees price’s end!

Our new merch Tees ready for full release tomorrow. Only 24 hours left to buy them for a cheaper promotional price! (13euros shipment included), the official released price will be […]